The real estate investment business of China Life Investment is established as the professional real estate investment management platform of China Life. On the premise of complying with regulatory policies,the major task is investing  insurance funds in trophy  property, mature property with stable earnings and opportunistic-type property with high prospective returns in gateway cities. The team cooperates closely with other professional organizations and adopts diversified approaches (e.g. equity acquisition, property right acquisition, real estate debt) to provide integrated financial solutions for high quality real estate project.

The real estate investment business of China Life Investment is gradually expanding the overseas investment. The team focuses on the high-quality investment opportunities in developed countries and regionsand major gateway cities around the world and invests  in all types of high-quality real estate projects by cooperating with the world renowned financial institutions,investment management companies and professional developers.

By the end of 2015, the total assets of China Life Insurance Group reached more than 3 trillion. There is still much room toincrease the proportion of real estate investment in China Life’s overall portfolio.

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