The infrastructure investment gives full play to the traditional advantages of insurance funds in this field.

By the end of 2015, the accumulative amount of contract signed for the infrastructure investment is more than RMB50 billion.

The innovative mode and investment concept in manyfields of insurance fund investing infrastructure investment are developed.

'Suzhou Fund Mode' developed by China Life Investment  investing in the field of local infrastructure construction in the form of equity investment gained the market and praise. It was copied, promoted, upgraded and optimized in Shanghai, Jiading, Wuxi, Guangzhou and other regions; at the same time, the company firmly supports the national key projects, leads according to the trend, forms a set of systematic investment methodology, and becomes leading inthe industry.  

China Life Investment actively grasped the policies, seized the investment opportunities in the active period of merger,acquisition and reorganization of large central enterprises and high-quality state-owned enterprises, introduced the innovation mechanism, actively participated in the mixed ownership reform with a variety of cooperation modes,efficiently used state-owned assets, and realized the complementary advantages of high-quality state-owned enterprises in capital, expertise, resources and project.

China Life Investment adheres to the independent innovation strategy in the infrastructure investment, promotes the transformation of innovative business into productization, and mainly realizesthe innovation of the investment strategy, investment business and investment target, and the expansion of investment scope. It actively pays attention toinvestment opportunities conforming to the 'innovative, harmonious, green,open and sharing' development philosophy, as well as reform opportunitieson the supply side, focuses on three major national strategies, arranges assetsecuritization business, vigorously develops the overseas mature markets, and realizes the diversification of infrastructure investment.


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