China Life Asset Management Ltd. Awarded Numerous Industry Honors

By the end of 2016, major institutions release annual ranking lists successively. China Life Asset Management Ltd. makes great achievements in equity investment, real estate investment, aging and healthcare investment in 2016 and is awarded multiple industry honors.

Zero2IPO Group "Top 100 PE Firms of the Year 2016 "

--China Venture Capital & Private Equity Annual Ranking 2016 by Zero2IPO Group

China Venture 2016 "Best Investment Institution in Biomedical Industry"

--China Venture 2016 Industry Ranking List

2016 Top 10 Competitive Institutions of Private Equity Investment

-- 21st Century Business Herald "The Sixth China Equity Investment Competitiveness Ranking "

China Life Caregarden is awarded as "2016 China Top 10 Aging Service Brands"

- awarded by China Council for the Promotion of Environment and Forestry and China Health Industry Alliance

China Life is nominated by PERE as "Institutional Investor of Year 2016, Global", which is globally the most authoritative award in real estate investment field.

In the meantime, China Life's acquisition of Starwood Capital Group’s select service hotel assets portfolio is nominated by PERE as "Deal of Year 2016, North America".

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